The geographic features of the plot of land - a sharp incline and a striking gradient of the structural contours of the area covered by the buildings - prompted the layout of the buildings. 

The volumetric construction of the individual buildings is chiefly divided into two main sections: the «mask» or frame facing the lake, (one side has the lake as a backdrop, the other forms a reference point in the hillside wall), and the terraces, horizontal lines in the landscape, which «disappear» in the greenery and the openings of the doors and windows and the recessed «green» courtyard.

The apartments of different sizes have a similar content in their typology and are designed in such a way that there is a clear distinction between the areas for use during the day and night, which is created through the entrance area and the «green» courtyard. This means that the two living areas are not only clearly separated from each other, but also makes it possible for light to enter right into the entrance hall.

Although the buildings mainly face south in the direction of the Brissago islands, as a whole the upper part is directed towards Ascona and the lower part towards Brissago. 

Architect Aldo Cacchioli
June 2012

Level Street
External layout
G2Garden apartment 2360.00
G3Garden apartment 3610.00
G4Garden apartment 4300.00
G8Garden apartment 8110.00
G9Garden apartment 9180.00
G10Garden apartment 1060.00