Find happiness in a small paradise in the Ticino.

The «onda viva» project is extremely attractive and is being built on one of the last few plots of land in the best location in the southern Ticino in Ronco Sopra Ascona. Luxury apartments are being built on the particularly attractive spot just below Ronco Sopra Ascona, which are harmoniously embedded into the sunny, majestic south-facing location of Lake Maggiore. The wonderful views overlooking the islands of Brissago and the Mediterranean climate cast their spell over this location, making it a real paradis

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The «onda viva» concept

The architect Aldo Cacchioli has used the distinctive landscape to create an unusual layout for the apartments. The building as a whole is arranged on two sides. The main part is directed towards the lake as its backdrop and the other main part forms a reference point in the hillside wall.  The terraces, which form a horizontal line in the landscape, disappear into the surrounding green courtyard. Although the buildings mainly face south in the direction of the Brissago islands, as a whole the upper part is directed towards Ascona and the lower part towards Brissago. 

The residential units have a similar typology; only the living areas are individual. The layouts are designed in such a way with the light entering the building that there is a clear distinction between the areas used during the day and night. This means that the two living areas are not only clearly separated from each other, but also makes it possible for light to enter right into the entrance hall.


The location

Ronco Sopra Ascona is situated in the Locarnese region. The village is 350 metres above sea level between Ascona and Brissago. As a tourist location and residential area with a rich history and culture, Ronco sopra Ascona is above all well-known for its unbelievably beautiful, breathtaking views, which have given it the nickname «Terrace over Lake Maggiore». The region benefits from a typical Mediterranean, sub-tropical climate, which is probably one of the mildest in the entire area to the south of the Alps. This extremely mild climate brings a high quality of life and luxuriant vegetation.